Tennis Instruction

A number of independent, professionally qualified, tennis instructors offer tennis lessons to Club Members at The Racquet Club. Please contact them directly as follows: 
       Levels of certification: Recreation, Professional, Elite Professional, and Master Instructor  
  • Jim Boden - Professional             (603) 762-6700
  • Sue Doyle - Professional             (603) 352-4997
  • Tina Spicher - Elite Professional   (603) 357-5618

  Certification by the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

        Levels of certification: Associate Instructor, Instructor, and Professional

  • Bill Hay - Professional, Adult Development; Instructor, 10 & Under     (603) 398-6461
  • Jacob Miller - Instructor, 10 & Under                                                 (603) 313-7672
  • Joseph Romano - Instructor, Adult Development                               (603) 209-8330
  • Kevin Starkey - Associate Instructor, 10 & Under                              (603) 357-2593 
Youth Group Tennis Lessons and Clinics

During the fall and winter seasons, the Racquet Club dedicates specific court time to youth tennis instruction. Depending on the calendar, ten to twelve group lessons are provided with separate lessons for high school and younger children. During the winter season, tennis clinics are offered Saturday nights.

These programs are planned, organized and led by certified, professional tennis instructors.

Group Lessons

Sue Doyle and Jacob Miller are running the fall and winter group lessons for High School age children.  Bill Hay is running the fall and winter group lessons for Elementary and Middle School children. Lesson objectives, day/time, and start and end dates vary by age group:


School Age


Lesson Objectives 


for 2019     


   Fall 2019        


Elementary  Introduce younger children to the love of the game and have some fun. 
Fridays: 5:00 to


Start  date:

 To be announced       


Middle Develop more advanced knowledge and skills, specifically stroke production, strategy and playing situations. 
Level 1
3:00 - 4:00PM   
Level 2

  Start date:

To be announced     


High More advanced stroke production, strategy and playing situations.
Tuesdays: 3:00 to 

  Start date:

 To be announced    

       *No lessons during winter vacation or the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Professional instructor costs: $12 per lesson, multiplied by the number of lessons scheduled in the season, paid at the first class.

For more information on High School group lessons, contact Sue Doyle at 352-4997 or through Email at: 

For more information on Elementary and Middle School group lessons, contact Bill Hay at 398-6461 or through Email at

Saturday Clinics (High School Age only) 

During the winter, Bill Hay offers a clinics for high school age players Saturday nights from 7:30 to 9:00pm starting in January and running through March. These clinics are designed for players of all abilities.  Each week a different theme is covered, such as stroke technique, drills for improved stroke production and footwork, doubles strategies, and offensive and defensive strategies. The cost is $15 per clinic or $100 if paid up front.

For more information, contact Bill at (603)398-6461 (Email