Keene Racquet Club

Keene’s Only Indoor Tennis Club

Welcome To Keene’s Only Indoor Tennis Club

The Racquet Club is a stockholder-owned club offering three hard courts in a heated, well-lighted building near downtown Keene. This is an active Club focused primarily on tennis with players of all abilities. Tennis instruction, periodic tennis socials, and competitions are available on-site. If you like tennis, this is the place to play, meet people, get some good exercise, and if you wish, learn and compete.


The Racquet Club is located at the end of Martell Court which is very near the junction of Route 101 and Main Street (Route 12) about one mile south of downtown Keene.

Who Can Play

  • Stockholders and Associate Members (individuals or families with playing rights, but who are not yet stockholders) can play up to 14 times per week (two periods per day).
  • Guests, including those involved in league activities, can also play twice a month while accompanied by a Member.

We would be delighted to add you to our waiting list to become an Associate Member and eventually a Stockholder.

Contact Us

603-847-9709 (Ask for Tricia)
The Racquet Club, PO Box 151, Keene, NH 03431