Membership Information

For first time members!

This is an individual membership and is limited to 4 times per month total play.
The membership is for 12 months.

What facilities are on-site?

Three indoor hard courts are on-site. An enclosed viewing area/meeting room is located on the second floor overlooking the courts. Men’s and women’s bathrooms and showers are off the lobby on the first floor. No lockers are available.

How are tennis court reservations made?

Tennis courts are reserved by Members through the Racquet Club’s very efficient online reservation system,

How much does Membership cost?

Annual dues for the 9/1/22-8/31/23 season will be/are:
Stockholders $680.00
Associate Members $975.00
Junior Members $100

What is the purpose of the waiting list?

The waiting list is comprised of persons (individuals or families) who wish to eventually become Racquet Club Stockholders. A Stockholder may from time to time decide not to use his/her membership playing rights. If so, these playing rights are offered to an individual on the waiting list. When playing rights are assigned to a waiting list individual, that person becomes an Associate Member.

How can I add my name to the waiting list?

It’s easy. Open and print the membership application, complete the form and send it, along with a check for $25.00 made payable to The Racquet Club, Inc., mail to:
The Racquet Club, Inc.
PO Box 151
Keene, NH 03431

If I sign up for the waiting list, how soon can I play?

As a guest of a Member, you can play twice a month. Once you are on the waiting list you become immediately eligible for an Associate membership. If an Associate membership becomes available at any time throughout the year, it will be offered to you. The sooner you join the list the better your chances are for getting an Associate membership when the official playing year begins September 1st.

If I sign up for the waiting list, how long will it be until I become an Associate Member?

Normally, it may take from six months to a year to be offered an Associate Membership. If you join the waiting list now you will have an excellent chance of getting an Associate Membership September 1st. An Associate Member has full playing rights, but has not yet purchased stock.

If I (we) become a stockholder, can other members of my family members play?

Each share of stock entitles you to one Family Membership. Eligible players within the family are two adults who reside together and their unmarried children under 25 years of age who also live in the same household.

What provisions are made for Junior Members?

The Steve Krause Junior Membership program allows children of non-members who are 18 years of age and under as of September 1st to participate in certain group youth tennis lessons and clinics. The number of Junior memberships and the Junior Membership fee are set annually by the Club’s Board of Directors.

During fall and winter seasons, the Racquet club reserves specific court time for youth lessons. These teaching programs are planned, organized and led by certified, professional tennis instructors. Depending on the calendar, ten to twelve group lessons are provide each season with separate lessons for high school and non-high school age youths. For the winter season, as Junior members, high school students may also participate in Saturday night clinics. Separate instructor costs apply. Check out the Instruction tab for more details.

Junior Membership Requirements

Steve Krause Junior Membership annual dues per student is $100. This is the cost regardless of when you sign up during the year.

Junior Memberships are available. If you (or a family member) are interested in participating the Steve Krause Junior Membership program just follow the directions on this application .